A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill a love of learning – Brad Henry

Learning for understanding

The JSMS Way of Learning is founded on research based progressive education. An approach fine-tuned through vast experience.

Learning is not a passive activity and the learner is not the passive recipient of ‘knowledge’ which is poured in and reproduced. Understanding is the core of learning.

The JSMS way recognizes the fundamental principle of providing the child with the right and relevant stimuli and experiences.

Teaching for thinking

The JSMS Way recognizes that both Learning and Teaching are intricately linked. Teaching is matched to what is known about the process of learning in children.

The goal of the teacher is to create an environment through robust instructional methods where reasoning and critical thinking become a child’s most empowering faculties.

Support to Grow

Teachers assess students by selecting or designing methods of assessment appropriate to the learning outcomes they intend to capture. Teachers also take into account the diverse, complicated and sophisticated ways that individual students use to develop and demonstrate their understanding. The prime objective of assessing students’ learning and performance is to give feedback to:

  • Students – to encourage the start of lifelong learning
  • Teachers – to support their reflection on what to teach and how to teach it
  • Parents – to highlight their child’s learning and development.